World Cup vs World Pup

I love sports just as much as the next person. And worldwide competitions give me a chance to have some pride for my country. However, while some of you may be caught up in World Cup fever, there is another competition that also began today which I think might just be more important! It’s the first ever “World Pup” hosted by Animal Planet.

The World Pup is a chance for viewers from around the globe to help vote for the cutest dog in the world via a series of head to head matchups between representative breeds from each country. Voters can either fill out brackets on the Animal Planet website or they can go on Twitter and use each dog’s hashtag to log their vote.

There are sixteen breeds in the tournament and each single-elimination round will last one week. After each week, the field will be reduced in half until the winner is crowned on July 10.

According to Miguel Monteverde, Vice President of Digital Media for Animal Planet in an interview with, “one of the great things about an international event like the World Cup or the World Pup is that you end up learning things about your neighbors overseas. At its core, we think people will learn about breeds they didn’t know before.” I think that this is a fantastic idea. For each dog, there are videos and other facts that allow you to learn about each breed before or after registering your vote.

Who do you think will win? Will you vote based on patriotic pride? Or will you fall in love with the cuteness of another country’s puppy? Below is a link to the World Pup website where you can register your vote. As of right now, this is what my bracket looks like – although I have to admit that I’m rather torn. I love the USA and want to vote for the Malamute, however, I HAVE A FRENCHIE! So, I think I have to go with the French Bulldog because they are the best!


Match 1- Spain, Great Pyrenees

Match 2 Cameroon, Basenji

Match 3- Portugal, Portuguese Water Dog

Match 4- England , Old English Sheepdog

Match 5- France, FRENCH BULLDOG

Match 6- China Sharpei

Match 7- Japan Shiba Inu

Match 8 – Russia , Samoyed

Check back here each week, as I will provide updates on the World Pup competition. Since the Puppy Bowl isn’t until February, we’ll just have to live with the other type of football for now!

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