Round 2….

After the first week of an intense competition of cuteness, half of the field in the first ever World Pup have been eliminated. Sadly, my terrible luck when picking brackets has struck again and my favorite to win has been knocked out of the competition. The Frenchie went down to the USA’s Alaskan Malamute. I guess I can consider it a “win” – at least I can have some pride for my country!

The global tournament of cute fur-babies is now in the second round and there are four matches that require your votes to determine who moves on to the semis!  They are:

Spain vs Germany (Great Pyreness vs Dachshund)

USA vs Japan (Alaskan Malamute vs Shiba Inu)

Mexico vs England (Chihuahua vs Old English Sheepdog)
China vs Japan (Shar-Pei vs Smoyed)

Voting has already begun and as of today, you have six days left to lock in your choices. The competition is heating up and there is still so much more excitement left as the world narrows down its choice for cutest pup in the world!

Click on the following link to vote and to see the current results:  

Good luck to all those adorable little representatives of their countries!

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