National Take Your Dog to Work Day

We all know the dates of the big holidays – Christmas is on December 25, Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November, July 4th is….well it’s July 4th. But it seems like there is a day to celebrate everything these days. July 30th – National Cheesecake Day. May 23rd – National Taffy Day. October 18th – National Chocolate Cupcake Day. November 10th – National Vanilla Cupcake Day….Yes, they each have their own day!

There’s also Pi Day and Pie Day. Some of you have participated in “Bring Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day”, but do you know what today is? Today is actually “Take Your Dog to Work Day” ( I had no idea – and if I did, I would have written about this much sooner so I could actually participate in this glorious occasion! Perhaps there are a bit too many holidays and “national days” to keep track of.

I guess it’s ok that I didn’t bring her with me today. Not because I don’t want to participate in the holiday, but because I actually take her to work with me quite often.


My company is dog friendly, but our office building isn’t. But, do you think that stops me?? Every so often, I create my own “Bring Ziggy to Work Day”. On the days that I bring her to daycare, I sometimes go get her in the afternoon and launch a covert operation to sneak her into the office. After we elude the security (which involves just walking past them with her zipped in her bag), she comes up to the office and sets out on her mission to immediately brighten up everyone’s day. Instantly, everyone is smiling, stopping by my desk to play with her, and telling me how they want her to come in every day! She’s usually so tired from daycare that most of the afternoon is spent sleeping in a ball on my desk.




Work is so much better when she’s around. I encourage those of you who work for dog friendly companies to make every day “Bring Your Dog to Work Day”. Because I know the positive impact that it has on everyone. And even if it doesn’t, you still get to have your little love bug with you!


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