Ziggy’s Birthday!

As any pet lover and doting doggy mom will tell you, your fur-baby’s birthday is a pretty important milestone, every single year.  In our house, we love celebrating Ziggy’s birthday and will always spoil her on her special day!

Yesterday, my little girl turned two.  Do the “terrible two’s” exist with dogs??

Birthdays are definitely special – but we just used it as another excuse to get Zig new toys, snacks, and gear! We went to a fantastic store in the West Village called Zoomies. There, we treated Ziggy to a new harness, new leash, and plenty of new toys for her to destroy. We were also able to get her some new treats – which is not something we get to do often. Since Ziggy is allergic to most animal products and we like to get her high quality, organic treats, we don’t usually have the opportunity to buy her fresh bones and biscuits. But, Zoomies had the answer! We found her some “veggie bones” that seem to be Ziggy-proof! Through the wonderful and helpful owner of the store, we also learned a little bit about some other alternatives we intend on trying for her allergies.

We’re hoping that Ziggy loves these new bones and can go from chewing on the furniture to chowing down on her birthday treats!


Happy birthday to my Ziggy!

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