Randi and her Beagles – Missy and Boomer

8For eight years now, Randi has been giving her time to volunteer for Mighty Mutts. One Saturday, she saw them set up on their usual corner in Union Square and knew she had to get involved.

At the time she began volunteering for Mighty Mutts, Randi did not have her own dog, but she knew that at some point she would end up with at least one. “I have wanted dogs all of my life, but wanted the time to be right.” When the timing was right, she knew that adopting a dog is what she wanted to do. In fact, she told me that buying a dog was never even an option in her mind. She said, “I know there are countless great dogs in need of adoption and I always wanted to open my home to one (or two) of them.”


One day while she was volunteering, she met three new beagles that had come in to Mighty Mutts together – Missy, Boomer, and Daisy. She didn’t know much about their backstory (which happens to be a big reason why people are sometimes nervous to adopt) except that these dogs were abandoned after their owner passed away. Regardless, she fell in love with Missy and Boomer and Randi knew that these two beagles had to be hers.

After getting them home, Randi began to realize that these dogs had no training at all. They had to be housebroken (maybe for the first time), learn how to walk properly on a leash, and learn basic obedience commands. Even still, Missy is extremely fearful of strangers. Boomer does not get along with other dogs with the exception of Missy. While Randi does not believe they suffered any physical trauma before she adopted them, there were still major adjustments that had to be made getting them used to their new lives.6

Randi said, even with the struggles of having to train two dogs, she would 100% do it again.  Her dogs are part of her family, and they love them. “They have their issues, but all dogs do.”

Randi told me that these two beagles have changed her life in many positive ways. She said that “these two dogs keep their human parents on their toes, and do something every day to make people laugh. After a rough day, you cannot help but smile knowing that you have two happy, wagging tails waiting for you when you come home.”


I also asked Randi to tell me how she feels about Mighty Mutts. She told me that “as a Mighty Mutts volunteer, I know how much the organization is there to help animals in need. I’m grateful for the work they do and can think of no better way to thank them than to have adopted my dogs there.” Randi says that the rescue dogs at Mighty Mutts, and at other organizations, are sweet, loving, adorable, and thankful for the new life you give them. She certainly sees that with Missy and Boomer.

Randi’s two beautiful beagles are purebred. In fact, purebreds are extremely easy to find in shelters and rescue organizations. So before you assume that all rescues are mutts, if you are looking for a specific breed please try searching through organizations like Mighty Mutts first.


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