Stephanie and Nyssa


Stephanie and her husband strongly believe in adoption. They have never purchased a pet from a breeder or a store. Instead, they have always adopted their pets from people who no longer want them.

Stephanie’s introduction to Mighty Mutts was online. She was looking through postings to find a dog to rescue and when she and her husband saw Nyssa’s picture, they knew they found their next dog. It linked them to Mighty Mutt’s website where she was able to set up a time to meet Nyssa in person – and meet the Mighty Mutt’s organization.


Lucky for Stephanie and her husband, Nyssa is a very good girl. They haven’t experienced any major challenges or issues since they adopted her. In fact, it has been quite the opposite of many rescue animals that come through organizations like Mighty Mutts. According to Stephanie, “Nyssa has been a complete blessing and enriched our lives with love, fun and purpose.” Nyssa was just what this family needed.

Stephanie told me that she would adopt again in a second, and that their home is “always open to a dog in need.” She also said that Mighty Mutts is the only rescue they believe in because they are both great people, and they do great things for the animals in their care.


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