Eileen (and family) and Sadie

According to Eileen, “mutts make the best dogs.” At least, that’s how she was raised to think. She told me that her family has always adopted or rescued animals. So, when she was ready to get her first dog on her own, going to a pet store never crossed her mind. Eleven years ago, she went on the NYCACC website and came across Buddy – it was love at first sight. She recalls standing in front of his cage so nobody else would take him.


Fast forward to one Saturday when she and her daughter were going to lunch in Union Square. At the time, she was not actively looking to get a second dog and was unaware of Mighty Mutts and the work that they do every Saturday in Union Square. As they passed by the adoption drive, they stopped to meet and see the dogs. Her daughter, who Eileen says is very similar to herself, tried to pet every dog and throughout lunch kept asking if they could go back. They did, and that’s where Eileen met and fell in love with Sadie. “I like to tell people that I have a type – big brown dogs with floppy ears,” she said. Sadie fit this profile and they knew that Sadie needed them. The only thing standing in their way was the fact that they were unsure how Buddy would react. After some back and forth, John, from Mighty Mutts, brought Sadie over for a meet and greet. Buddy took to her well – despite the few little scuffles that any siblings have! In the end, however, Sadie and Buddy really enjoyed each other.

Eileen came to find out that this was not Sadie’s first time being adopted from Mighty Mutts. Another family had Sadie for ten years. But, when their two year old child developed an allergy to Sadie, it was clear that they had to do something. Mighty Mutts has a policy that if you cannot keep your dog for any reason, no matter how long it has been, you must return the dog to them so they can find another home. After Eileen adopted Sadie, she spoke to the father of the family that had to give her up. She could tell that he was devastated to lose her. Eileen assured him that she would be fine with us and that we would take very good care of her. A promise that she has kept to this day.


Buddy and Sadie are both older dogs. After they both pass on, Eileen doesn’t plan on getting any more pets right away. At the same time, she told me that she “can’t imagine being dog free for the rest of my life.” However, if (and when) she does decide to get another dog, she would definitely adopt again. She also thinks that the legacy will continue with her daughter. “She already talks about the pets she plans to have in the future.”

Eileen is a huge believer in adopting and she has immense respect for Mighty Mutts and Ollie’s place as she feels they are very thorough when placing an animal. She gives them a lot of credit for doing what they do. If it wasn’t for Might Mutts, and John taking the time to bring Sadie over to meet with Buddy, Sadie would never have found her true forever home!



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