Jersey Boy: Howling his way into Janet’s heart and home


Janet and her family already had three beagles before adopting Scottie. Their first beagle, Max, passed away in the fall when he was about 16.5 years old. When they adopted Monty, their second beagle about 12 years ago, they were told that he was about two years old. It turned out that he was actually five. As a result, he was roughly the same age as Max and sadly he passed away a few weeks after Max did. This left Janet and her family devastated and little Tommy, their four year old beagle, without any brothers or sisters to play with. The sadness was evident in him too. That’s when they found Scottie.


Having rescued two of their previous beagles, and seeing the joy that it brought to their lives and to their dogs’ lives, they were not going to be making a trip to a pet store. Instead, they wanted to give a home to a dog that really needed one. They went to Mighty Mutts and found Scottie. According to Janet, “adopting Scottie brought new joy and love into the home. We can never replace Max and Monte, but adopting him made it feel as though we were honoring the lives of Max and Monty.” She also told me how it changed the focus in the apartment from sadness to “happy craziness.”

scottie-7  scottie-53

When they first got Scottie, he had a tag on his collar from the Humane Society somewhere in New Jersey. Janet called the number and they were able to pull up some information on Scottie’s background. Apparently, Scottie was found by the side of the road in Newark and was almost put down at 9 months old. Someone working at the Humane Society knew about Mighty Mutts and saved him by bringing him there.

Scottie was not socialized when they first took him home. He wasn’t afraid of people, but he was not particularly interested in them either. He is also pure beagle and, therefore, chewed everything – clothing, furniture, and the occasional hand. He has since settled in and has really bonded well with the family.


Janet and her family would absolutely adopt again. They recognize the joy and happiness it has brought to their lives. And as for dealing with the behavior sometimes associated with rescue dogs, Janet told me: “we can always replace the shoes, socks, stuffed animals and other things he’s eaten”.

It was Mighty Mutt’s reputation that brought Scottie into Janet’s life. The Humane Society worker knew how wonderful the organization was and it possessed them to save Scottie’s life. Janet and her family feel that Mighty Mutts really cares about where the rescued animas are placed. They feel that John, the founder or Mighty Mutts, truly cares about animals. It makes them feel good that they can do a small part in helping unwanted dogs find a loving home.


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