Halloween Photoshoot

I do not love Halloween, but I do love dressing up my dog and getting her in the spirit.  And Zig, well she loves wearing clothes.  This is the photo-shoot we did last year with all of her outfits.  She had quite a few costume changes.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what she went as this year.  And look below the pictures for some safety tips for your pet on Halloween.


Octopus Ziggy


Hammerhead Shark Ziggy


Waldo Ziggy


Minion Ziggy

And, my Favorite:


Prisoner Ziggy

Tips to keep your pet happy and healthy with all that candy around!
Remember, don’t give your pet any of the candy you get.  Make sure the wires and cords from any decorations are out of your pets reach.
When opening the door, make sure you’re dog or cat doesn’t dart outside

If you plan on dressing your pet up like i do, make sure your pet likes it.  It can cause stress for some animals.
Make sure the costume is not annoying and safe, that it doesn’t restrict their movement or ability to breathe.  Watch for itching when wearing the costume, as your pet may be allergic to the costume.
Make sure there are no small pieces your pet could swallow.

Most importantly, today and everyday, make sure our pet has an ID and Microchip.  In the event he/she does get out, this will help you get them back!


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