Animal Cruelty, Worse Than Ever

I have been missing in action from posting.  My apologies – life has once again gotten in the way.  But I am back, and unfortunately I am back and not writing about something happy instead something horrible.  Also, there are no photos in this post because 1) they are not my photos and 2)they are all so graphic.

The mistreatment of animals in today’s society sickens me.  Every day, I, along with a lot of you, read stories of animals being abused like Caitlyn in South Carolina, or the homeless man Ron and his dog shadow.  This dog meant so much to this man, that he literally went homeless to be able to stay by his side, when other people are just discarding them!  Then you have the most sickening thing i have read in a while – dogs, and puppies being tortured and killed all so visitors of Mauritius can have a stress free holiday where they dont have to worry about stray dogs (
I do not normally post about such atrocities, however the more people that can help spread the word in things like this the better!  This is a brutality that must stop.  There are so many people around the world who love animals and want to help them.  We cannot allow people (if you can call them that when they can injure innocent animals this way) to do this any longer.
Below i have listed the charities for both Caitlyn and Ron and Shadow.  These dogs and gentleman are examples of spirit, resilience, and hope.  If everyone had as much love that the three of these have, the world would be a much better place.  In the meantime lets help support the ones that need it most!
A Way for a Stray – Ron and Shadow:

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