Ziggy’s Birthday!

As any pet lover and doting doggy mom will tell you, your fur-baby’s birthday is a pretty important milestone, every single year.  In our house, we love celebrating Ziggy’s birthday and will always spoil her on her special day!

Yesterday, my little girl turned two.  Do the “terrible two’s” exist with dogs??

Birthdays are definitely special – but we just used it as another excuse to get Zig new toys, snacks, and gear! We went to a fantastic store in the West Village called Zoomies. There, we treated Ziggy to a new harness, new leash, and plenty of new toys for her to destroy. We were also able to get her some new treats – which is not something we get to do often. Since Ziggy is allergic to most animal products and we like to get her high quality, organic treats, we don’t usually have the opportunity to buy her fresh bones and biscuits. But, Zoomies had the answer! We found her some “veggie bones” that seem to be Ziggy-proof! Through the wonderful and helpful owner of the store, we also learned a little bit about some other alternatives we intend on trying for her allergies.

We’re hoping that Ziggy loves these new bones and can go from chewing on the furniture to chowing down on her birthday treats!


Happy birthday to my Ziggy!

Frenchie Frenzy

Being a Frenchie parent is like being a member of a crazy club. I’m probably biased, but I don’t think that any other breed has this type of cult following! I’m confident in saying that any Frenchie parent behaves the same way:


  • We stop mid-sentence and point out a Frenchie from a block away and walk faster just to catch up.
  • We pet and play with every single one that crosses our path.
  • Forget every one that crosses our path – we go out of our way and cross streets just to say hi and tell the other owner “I have one too”
  • Our phones have more pictures and videos of our dog than of anything else – and we’re not shy about showing them to everyone…strangers included.
  • We talk about them like they are our child: “Our little girl did the funniest thing today…”
  • And finally, when another human burps, farts, sneezes, or snorts, we are grossed out – but when our little munchkins do it, we are so proud to be Frenchie parents!


In New York City, Frenchies are one of the most popular breeds due to their ease of being an apartment dog and not requiring a lot of space. However, what happens when you put 35-40 of these little gremlins together in one large room for a full blown Frenchie festival? For members of the “club” it’s PURE HEAVEN!

Don’t believe me?  Check out the photos below…



photo 2




And the little dog said, roll over.

Ever since I have had a dog to call my own, they have shared my bed with me.  Or more accurately, they have allowed me to take up a very small portion of the bed while they consume the majority of it.  But… I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Some people scoff at the idea of our four-legged friends climbing into bed at the end of a long day. But to me, my dog is part of my family.  My dog is my life. She is the sweetest little girl and I love waking up between her and my boyfriend. 

Now, I always knew that a dog could take up a lot of room, but before I had a Frenchie that meant something completely different.  Now it means: she sleeps where she wants and takes up whatever room she wants, even if that means physically sleeping on me sometimes.  Apparently, I have become a human pillow.  Don’t forget, Frenchies snore – probably louder than any other dog (see @MsZiggyThePiggy on Instagram for some hilarious examples).  So, not only have I had to get used to sharing the bed with a warm furry little creature, I have to listen to her symphony all night long.

The infographic below is something I came across a while ago and it could not be more accurate. 

Does this look like something that happens in your house too? 

If it does, well at least were all in the same boat (or bed).


Introducing your dog to NYC!

Bringing home a new dog can be both the most exciting experience and the most frustrating.

I moved to New York with my Frenchie from Miami, where she had a large back yard to run around in, abundant grass to roll around in and do her business in, and a deck to simply sunbathe in.  Which she absolutely adores.  Not to mention, this top heavy bat-pig-dog, loves the water and loves to just sit in the pool and soak in the relaxation that exists in Miami Beach.

About five months after I first brought her home, we made our way to New York.  Now I can tell you I thought it was going to be hard, but it was tedious for two weeks.

I want to share what we went through so if you have any questions, hesitations, or need advice you know where to go.  I also want to let you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  It will get better, it will be worth it, and ultimately it will be a bonding experience for you and your dog.

So, Ziggy’s first two weeks consisted of walking up and down, around our neighborhood for hours at a time.  With no grass in sight, this little puppy had no clue what to do.  So the minute we got back inside the apartment, she would squat on our couch.  This was the not so fun part.  But after walking with her, introducing her to other dogs, showing her that it was normal, and bringing A LOT of treats on each walk, Ziggy never had an accident again.  She learned that grass isn’t always necessary.   In fact, now when we travel back to Miami, she still uses the street or sidewalk instead of the grass.

If you are going through this experience, and need any advice, reach out.  Always happy to help! photo-2

This was Ziggy when i first brought her home.  She still loves to soak in the sun.


High five after a job well done! New York City potty training complete!  Good luck!


Bark For Life


This blog will be my personal outlook on life in New York City with a dog.  Not just my dog though, any dogs in the city.  Dogs hold a very special place in my heart and I hope this blog puts a smile on your face when reading it and looking at the photos.

Last week, we joined both our human friends and our dog friends at an event for the American Cancer Society on the UWS called Bark for Life.  Its a little confusing, a dog event raising money for people with cancer.  Nonetheless, the money is for a fantastic cause and it is yet another way of showing how dogs can help make a difference.

Since I moved up to New York, with my little Frenchie, it seems like everyone has a frenchie.  Or maybe I just notice it more.  But there we were on the UWS with our little ones, in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.  Making their funny and unique noises.

How could these little ones not bring a smile to your face?

IMG_1754 IMG_1760