A Plea for Kiko


Kiko stole my heart.  The minute I met him, I was won over.  That is what he tends to do when people meets them, he makes them fall in love.  Yet no one has fallen enough in love with this sweet hero to take him home.

BarkPost just posted an article about this sweet boy as well.  How is it that so many outlets are writing about this dog, and begging to find him a home. Help me, Mighty Mutts, and BarkPost find not only Kiko, but the other dogs out there a home too.  To see the article about Kiko head over to http://barkpost.com/hero-barkbuddy-shot-head/


While working with Mighty Mutts over the summer, Kiko was one of my favorite dogs to photograph.  There he was, every Saturday, with a smile on his face, waiting and hoping that the next person that pet his head was his forever.  That still has not happened.

Kiko’s backstory is incredible, and will make you fall in love before you even meet him.  Kiko is a fourteen year old bulldog mix who made the news about two years ago.  At the age of 12, Kiko sprang into action to protect his dad from a home invasion.  During this heroic he was shot at point blank in the head. Miraculously, he survived and is now fully recovered despite having lost his hearing. Unfortunately, since then, his dad fell on some hard times and was unable to continue caring for him. Now, this hero dog needs to find someone who can be his hero and give him the best life has to offer for his remaining years. Kiko is a gentle boy who needs a quiet home where he can spend the rest of his life just being loved and taken care of. He is believed to be deaf so he will need an owner who understands his needs and is patient He is neutered, housebroken, and well mannered, but due to his experiences, it is preferred that he is the only animal in the house.


Now it is our turn.  It is our turn to be a hero to Kiko.  It is our turn to share, post, tweet, and talk, to get the word out there about Kiko.  It is our turn to find him a loving and incredible home for him to spend the rest of his life in.  It is our turn to protect him.  If you know of anyone who would make the perfect home for Kiko, please reach out to Mighty Mutts.  And please come meet him and all the other amazing dogs, every Saturday on the corner of Union Square.


Introducing your dog to NYC!

Bringing home a new dog can be both the most exciting experience and the most frustrating.

I moved to New York with my Frenchie from Miami, where she had a large back yard to run around in, abundant grass to roll around in and do her business in, and a deck to simply sunbathe in.  Which she absolutely adores.  Not to mention, this top heavy bat-pig-dog, loves the water and loves to just sit in the pool and soak in the relaxation that exists in Miami Beach.

About five months after I first brought her home, we made our way to New York.  Now I can tell you I thought it was going to be hard, but it was tedious for two weeks.

I want to share what we went through so if you have any questions, hesitations, or need advice you know where to go.  I also want to let you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  It will get better, it will be worth it, and ultimately it will be a bonding experience for you and your dog.

So, Ziggy’s first two weeks consisted of walking up and down, around our neighborhood for hours at a time.  With no grass in sight, this little puppy had no clue what to do.  So the minute we got back inside the apartment, she would squat on our couch.  This was the not so fun part.  But after walking with her, introducing her to other dogs, showing her that it was normal, and bringing A LOT of treats on each walk, Ziggy never had an accident again.  She learned that grass isn’t always necessary.   In fact, now when we travel back to Miami, she still uses the street or sidewalk instead of the grass.

If you are going through this experience, and need any advice, reach out.  Always happy to help! photo-2

This was Ziggy when i first brought her home.  She still loves to soak in the sun.


High five after a job well done! New York City potty training complete!  Good luck!